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F is for fairy by Gevalia93 F is for fairy :icongevalia93:Gevalia93 18 2 Toby hugs the Goblin King by gagambo Toby hugs the Goblin King :icongagambo:gagambo 62 10 Do I terrify you, Or do you feel alive? by soapybubbles3 Do I terrify you, Or do you feel alive? :iconsoapybubbles3:soapybubbles3 24 4 Eternal Foes by warningyou Eternal Foes :iconwarningyou:warningyou 94 14 Botw doodle by warningyou Botw doodle :iconwarningyou:warningyou 147 8 Mortal Kombat - Kitana by RedRoom8 Mortal Kombat - Kitana :iconredroom8:RedRoom8 34 0
The Best Laid Plans: Zelda II
Zelda saw no more of him for several days until she came upon his body, limp in the halls. Her first thoughts concerned with how she certainly didn't have do deal with this kind of nonsense and good riddance, until she realized that something had actually happened. The surreality of it stung, and for the second time in her life she found herself stooping to see what has amiss with him.
His sweat was cold, and his breaths tiny and shallow. In horror, she found he did not shiver, nor respond when she touched him in apprehension. It was as bad as the wound had been before. A knot in her stomach floundered, twisting tight fearful strings. For some reason, he was dying.
His grasp slackened, his pulse weakened. Panic sped her mind. There wasn't much time. If he died then Courage, or what passed for it, would surely notice her all alone and without his attuned wards. And things would fall apart completely. She knew it. He could not die. She could not let it be so.
"You!" she said, gestur
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 11 22
The Best Laid Plans: Zelda I
The Best Laid Plans
The Legend of Zelda
Zelda x Ganondorf
Part I: Zelda
The Princess Zelda had not wished to sit idly by while she saw her Kingdom warp around her. She saw most everything, though few who knew her could guess it. She related it to being trapped atop a high tower, to look at all the ants below as they marched in formation. She could pick out the tiniest aberration, the smallest upset in the pattern. And she could see that one minute instant in time birth a wake of chaos.
However, in this case it was not a tiny disturbance but a large one. And it did not leave a wake but a coastcrusher wave behind it. It began with the death of her father, and instead of the throne passing to her it passed to Duke Lanaryu, who held the castle in his duchy. She could do little, and not for the first time she cursed her late father's will, and that he distrusted her for the mark on her hand when it allowed her to see so much more than he did.
Such was the nature of fear, she knew. And so
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 8 30
Jareth the Goblin King requested (ilovelabyrinth) by gaaraxel-13 Jareth the Goblin King requested (ilovelabyrinth) :icongaaraxel-13:gaaraxel-13 37 13
The Darkest Sun
The Darkest Sun
The deadened moss crunched under the Princess Zelda's leather heel as she turned for the second counterclockwise circle around her work. The directions were very precise. They had to be. No matter how badly they had been written, carried in the hands of some foul shaman, there was nothing broad or vague about it.
The veil was a terrible, exacting thing, after all. It was a strong magic that kept mortals out of the Dark Realm, out of that hell of tormented souls and black reflections. Errors would be fatal, catastrophic. A ritual of such a dire caliber required precision. The runes cut into the broken dirt were perfect, the circle  marked without a wobble or break.
Wisdom might have sufficed, she knew. But she knew only a dull fear when it came to summoning this Shadow. She was bringing forth a destroyer of kingdoms, a demon that had been sealed away by the efforts of her ancestors time and time again. She would rather Darkness call Darkness. Defiling herself w
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 18 61
The Sun Queen -- Part Two
“We shall only have once chance,” Zelda said, leaning over the map in the ramshackle inn. “We must breach the perimeter without the notice of the guards.”
Across from her stood a hodgepodge of figures. They were her generals now, she reminded herself. It took a surprisingly short time to build a large rebellion and an underground network in Castle Town. The populous was ready to form one, anyway. All they needed was a leader. And Zelda, tanned and honed from exile, appeared as a savior covert.
Only her generals were privy to her secret. That she was the once-Princess Zelda, not the mysterious Sheikah warrior Sheik. Because she bound her breasts and cast illusions, her alias was often mistaken for a young man hardened by intense stealth training.
Though her new court of elite warriors was a trifle strange-looking… at best. Dunrune of the Gorons, a mercenary activist, was her muscle. A hard-bitten Zora woman Kelona organiz
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 15 43
Of Tyrants, Part Two
Some hours after our negotiations for the day had ended, I was roused from my reading by a loud whoop outside my door. Nobody had business making that kind of noise in the royal palace in the first place, so I opened my door to see what in the name of the Gods the tramping of feet down the hall meant.
Guards were rushing from their places. My first thought was that there was some sort of riot in the square, but their cries were of disbelief rather than anger. They yelled about the courtyard, and how everybody must see. And about the Queen. That intrigued me, and I decided to see what they possibly could have been talking about.
It was lucky I didn't manage to warp straight inside another person, with how many idiots were crowded along the walls and sticking their heads out of balconies and tower windows. As it was I ended up getting dust all over me in transit.
But the sight explained it. The Queen herself was inspecting her royal guard. In a far more hands-on approach than her father
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 5 39
One Beginning
I knew all along the Princess was uncanny. It's rumor, that the queens of old had strange witching powers that the common folk could not understand. The royal family, it's said, were but stewards of the gods, and their line was an ancient and powerful one. Or that's how the fable goes. Once they were guarded by living shadows, they say. That night, though, it was my turn to take that role.
"Your Royal Highness, it's time to go," I said, opening up the door of the carriage. "They are not long after us."
She looked at me, all of her ten and three years, and I have never seen such a face on such a little girl. It made me wonder where my grandmother was.
"How many are there?" she asked.
"I do not know. Ten are on the road. If there are more, I don't know." her questions made my skin crawl, and I don't know why. "Please, my lady. We must leave."
"Very well. Thank you, Gentle Knight. I will ride with you."
She did not reach for me to help her step out of the carriage, but gathered her skirts
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 2 43
Mature content
Dangerous Affair :icondangerousxnurse:DangerousxNurse 3 3
Zelda and Dorf by Ashjxx
Mature content
Zelda and Dorf :iconashjxx:Ashjxx 5 0
Tango by Luminela Tango :iconluminela:Luminela 9 3


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